There are a number of crucial developments in fresh produce which are likely to affect your supply chain recruitment practices. Here we have compiled a list of vital supply chain recruitment tips to help fresh produce business owners introduce some new talent to its workflow.

1. Market yourself to the industry

Since the marketplace for supply chain jobs in retail, food services, fresh produce and culinary industries is saturated, it’s important to maintain a consistent and up-to-date marketing campaign to position yourself in the best stead to recruit top talent. It is a good idea to target colleges and schools, but career changers and those over 50 should not be left out of the equation.

2. Employees aged 50+ can act as mentors

Older employees tend to be more experienced than the younger population and often bring stability and reliability to the workplace. Furthermore, the younger generation is more digitally active, and these skills can be transferred up the ladder in a reciprocal exchange that will ultimately benefit the performance of the company.

3. Brexit will have an impact on the food industry

The UK employs a lot of foreign workers, so business owners are encouraged to adapt as soon as possible to the inevitable changes entailed by Britain’s departure from the European Union. In order to motivate natives to seek out these jobs, it’s important to identify transferable skills.

4. Fresh Careers Fair is essential

This is obviously a fertile environment for recruitment, but the Fresh Careers Fair also allows you to network with other employers operating in the industry, increasing your market knowledge.

5. Supply chain interims are a superb option

With interim work, recruits can get a taste of the new job. Students not only get a glimpse into the working environment, but can secure a job position after they’ve finished their studies, so it’s a win-win arrangement.

By implementing these suggestions, your supply chain recruitment strategies will benefit greatly. Your organisation will be equipped with a robust workforce, ensuring that you are better able to augment productivity and performance in the long term.

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