Too often we see that organisations let the human resources department manage the recruiting process instead of letting the procurement team handle their own affairs. This can be a costly mistake. It should be the role of the procurement staff to pick the most suitable candidate for the job based on expertise, suitability and what they can bring to the table.

Internal recruiting is about optimising outgoings, having HR source candidates rather than utilising an external recruiting firm. While letting the HR department take over this task may look good on paper, in practice it often results in inferior candidates joining the team. Here we explain the reasons why the senior staff in your procurement team should be active in the recruitment process to ensure you find a superior candidate.

The HR team may get overly fixated on formal criteria

Even though the HR team may be well-versed in knowing the ins and outs of what you’re looking for in a candidate in terms of formal qualifications, they may be out of sync with what other departments are doing and what your organisation is looking for on the ground floor.

An experienced leader in the procurement team, on the other hand, can pick candidates based on what’s going on in the department and the industry at large. They can assess whether a potential candidate is a good fit for the crew and are more informed on relevant matters and necessary personal criteria than the HR team.

Interviews are an art and a science

Interviewing a candidate shouldn’t simply revolve around a filled-out application form. Rather, it should be about getting a glimpse into a person’s unique traits, passions and personality.

A procurement professional has the critical ability to assess the candidate’s achievements and use their intuition along with their industry experience to project how the potential employee would fit in, rather than just looking at the raw facts.

You know the spirit of your team

As a prominent member of your department, who understands the mentality of your team better than yourself? The best professionals will have first-hand experience of an organisation’s inner workings and demands. This includes attending meetings and training new recruits.

As a direct result of this, you are more familiar with the daily challenges taking place and will consequently be a better judge of what your organisation really needs.

Stay active in the recruitment process and work with an external recruiter or your HR team to ensure that you find the right person for the job.

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