With all the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, it is anticipated that procurement will face new challenges, as supply chains will become more convoluted, and therefore the planning will also become more complex. 

Procurement would also have to renegotiate existing contracts with suppliers due to fluctuating costs and prices. However, it is procurement recruitment that one needs to worry about because, without the right talent, procurement after the UK formally leaves the EU could become a nightmare for businesses.

With procurement transitioning from a support to a strategic function, which adds value to the bottom line, procurement recruitment during Brexit may not be as worrisome as some professionals may think.

Rise in procurement recruitment

Due to the challenges of Brexit and the uncertainty facing procurement, it is expected that recruitment in the industry will rise. Organisations are looking for new skill sets and bigger workforces that are capable of offsetting the increased workloads and the new challenges that Brexit is expected to bring.

Interpersonal and communications skills will be in high demand

With procurement becoming a strategic function, organisations are looking for procurement professionals who have outstanding communications and interpersonal skills. They would have to negotiate new contracts with existing and new suppliers, while also engaging with internal stakeholders to learn their requirements.

Internal promotions will increase

Organisations will be looking to save money in a volatile marketplace. It is possible that, in the coming months, organisations will be keener to promote internal candidates than to spend money finding new talent. It means procurement recruitment will be mainly for junior levels, but can also happen at senior level if organisations have not spent time in succession planning.

While the government and MPs try to come to a deal to ensure a soft Brexit, in the interim, procurement is worried about the consequences it will have on contracts and supply chains. Procurement recruitment will flourish, so it is the right time for professionals to look for opportunities in the domain.

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