Whether you want an opportunity in sustainable sourcing, category management, or predictive data analysis, you should now be able to find the right job in procurement. Many new roles are emerging as organisations and CPOs realise the importance of having specialists on their team to make procurement more than a money-saving endeavour.

Where to find the best procurement jobs?

It goes without saying that a few industries offer more procurement jobs compared to all other industries. Here are some of the places to find the right job for your needs and skills.

  • Multinationals: most multinationals have mature procurement departments, and some of the best procurement roles are available in these organisations. The fast-moving consumer sector offers strategic procurement roles and is perfect for those looking to get comprehensive experience early in their career.
  • NGOs: many procurement professionals avoid non-profit organisations because they have a misconception that procurement roles in these organisations mean a reduction in pay. However, most NGOs pay as per market standard and offer exciting opportunities to those who want to make a difference.
  • Public sector: with Britain set to exit the European Union on 29 March 2019, the demand for strategic procurement professionals has increased. Working on major projects and big-ticket items will give you the experience you seek. It will also allow you to make a difference in your city or region, which is both satisfying and rewarding.
  • Procurement solutions providers: with most organisations focusing on using software solutions for strategic sourcing, supplier management, and contracting, it has become commonplace to outsource procurement functions to providers who have the right knowledge, expertise, and technology. Joining procurement solutions providers will allow you to get invaluable experience if you are looking to hold a corporate leadership role in the future.

While procurement professionals do not need a license, most employers prefer candidates to have a business degree or certification in procurement and supply chain. You can get professional certification from CIPS as the demand for certification is higher in the UK than any other nation. You can also opt for a degree or advanced course in supply chain management from some of the top universities in the UK.

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