Procurement recruitment is getting more complex, and the skills that are required for its smooth functioning are fast becoming multi-faceted. Today, organisations are on the lookout for more versatile talent. Rather than hiring for professionals who are experts in one specific field, there is a need for employees with more general knowledge and experience who can move between categories and departments with relative ease. This has made complicated procurement recruitment, as it is not easy to find professionals with such a broad skill set, who are capable of moving between functions easily.

While organisations are facing challenges to recruit, retain and develop talent, there are others that are looking at job rotation to train and develop employees to meet their requirements.

Understanding job rotation

In job rotation, employees change their roles within an organisation. As a result, the employees are exposed to different functions and responsibilities which, in turn, diversify their skills. Armed with an array of practical knowledge about different functions within the organisation, these employees can generally take up any role.

Benefits of job rotation in procurement

You may be surprised to learn the advantages that job rotation can bring to procurement.

On the job training: Procurement team leaders can identify skill gaps within their teams and then use job rotation as a way to provide on-the-job training to team members. This will help to bridge the skills gap and improve the efficiency and high-performance of your organisation as a whole.

Forge internal relationships: Procurement often struggles to align with the objectives of the organisation, and sometimes procurement is downgraded by other departments. However, these issues can easily be overcome with job rotation. Members from other teams can work within procurement departments and experience the issues faced in this part of the company. As a result, it would help other teams to get a better understanding of procurement, and everyone will begin speaking in the same language, simultaneously strengthening the company culture.

Improved retention rate: When you are training young professionals, it can be frustrating when they leave the organisation for newer opportunities just when you think you have all the cogs in place. Well, job rotation can help you to boost your retention rate in procurement. It gives employees the freedom to change roles within the organisation, making them less likely to leave any time soon if they still feel that there is something to be learned and gained from your organisation.

Job rotation can add value to procurement, but it’s vital to implement it correctly. The objectives of the rotation should be clear – improve employees’ skill sets or boost the chances of promotion.

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