Applying for procurement jobs should be easy, but cracking an interview is a different ball game altogether. If you are looking for a new position, even as a supply chain interim, here are few common mistakes that you need to avoid to ensure you secure your dream procurement job.

Not being prepared for the interview

The most common mistake a person can make is not preparing for the interview. Before you even arrive at the company’s front door, spend time researching the organisation, the specific industries it works with, its procurement process and the kind of questions the interviewer may ask you.

It will be painfully obvious from the outset if you haven’t made these simple preparations, and this can only have a negative impact on the rest of the interview.

Being late for the interview

This is the worst thing you can do. Being late for the interview shows you don’t have enough respect for other people and their time. It is imperative that you come to the company before the scheduled time so that you don’t have to contend with late or delayed buses and trains.

Try to arrive 30 minutes early so that you can spend some time at a local café to review your notes, clear your head, and plan your strategy. Don’t be too early at the office itself, as this can be just as bad as being late for the interview! Be present at the reception of the company 10 minutes early. This is considered good interview etiquette.

Appearing unkempt for the interview

Your first impression makes a lasting impression – this undoubtedly true for any interview. If you appear under-dressed, haven’t shaved (men!),  or generally look scruffy, you will not be selected.

Select your attire for the interview carefully. Opt for formal clothes even if you are just applying for a procurement interim post. You might also want to spend time practising your handshake, which should be firm, crisp and professional.

These might seem like obvious details, but a surprising number of candidates manage to get these wrong. Make sure you don’t fall into the same traps and you will instantly boost your chances of success.

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