Specialist supply chain and procurement recruitment consultancies often come under pressure to source top candidates for available procurement jobs in a highly competitive landscape, which can sometimes lead to errors of judgement and wasted time. Procurious, the professional network for procurement practitioners, has identified six pitfalls to avoid.

  • Vague descriptions of procurement jobs

Generic job descriptions can attract a large pool of candidates but omit the crucial issue of whether a candidate’s skill sets will fit the position. It increases the risk of appointing an unsuitable candidate or drawing a blank.

  • Failing to collaborate with Operations Team Leaders/Hiring Managers

Recruitment doesn’t need to be as strictly confidential as some parts of a human resources department dealing with compensation, dismissal, promotion, etc. Procurement recruitment consultants should work with hiring managers to craft job descriptions and devise a positive recruitment process that delivers favourable candidate experience and results in appointing  the best talent.

  • Laborious application processes

Requiring too much front-loading of information at the online application stage tells recruiters that the candidate can sit at a computer and apply for procurement jobs. It is better to explore the talents of a candidate during live interviews.

  • Interviewer Unpreparedness

Unprepared interviewers send poor signals to enthusiastic candidates who may be put off from proceeding further. Conducting preparatory meetings, giving sample questions, and establishing that interviewers know the process can prevent this.

  • Neglecting ongoing contact

Many hiring scenarios end with high-quality candidates being pipped at the post by someone who is a better ‘fit.’ Failing to remain engaged with those valuable people is a waste of        resources. Keep in contact with them either for future or existing vacancies suitable for them.

  • Failing to request candidate feedback

Recruiters can get invaluable insights from candidates about their experience of the recruitment process, which can help recruiters devise ways of improving the process. Always request candidate feedback.

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