While specialist supply chain recruitment agencies frequently source supply chain interims to help employers manage spikes in demand, they also occasionally need knowledgeable consultants for interim project management roles. The Strategic Sourceror, has identified five core competencies that will make candidates for these higher-level supply chain interim roles stand out from the crowd.

Develop a full project scope from the outset

This clarifies the roles, initiatives and objectives of all the team members right from the beginning, making it far more likely that they will be able to deliver on each. Good project managers demonstrate consistency and clarity, from the initial planning sessions right down to the final debrief meeting, and a complete project scope is integral to this.

Be clear about the ‘why’

Project managers who are clear about the purpose and potential impacts of the project they’re overseeing keep team members on board and motivated.  “Shared purpose” is widely recognised as a critical factor in sustaining employee satisfaction.

Create an effective Risk Response Unit

There’s no such thing as “impossible” when it comes to supply chain disruption risks, from extreme weather to new government regulations to cyber attacks. As risks can’t be abolished, work with your risk response team to anticipate every conceivable risk. Be clear about chains of command, keeping lines of communication constantly open and identifying alterative sources of supply. With these measures in place, a snag doesn’t have to scupper a project.

Keep nurturing your knowledge basis

Learning never ceases, and project managers who have consistently availed of the latest developments in supply chain management by reading the relevant literature also keep themselves ahead of the game – and at the front of the queue for employers.

Create a culture of accountability

No team or project manager can be perfect and mistakes will happen. Demonstrate accountability by acknowledging instances when you have led a project slightly astray and have corrected it. By being able to show this and checking in frequently with team members, mistakes can be corrected before they reach critical proportions.

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