A supply chain recruitment expert has pinpointed why talented professionals in top procurement and supply chain jobs decide to ‘jump ship’ and join a commercial rival.

Just about all specialist procurement and supply chain recruitment agencies will be familiar with the painful predicament faced by many enterprises who have lost prized procurement talent to a competitor. Employees who have walked away from their procurement or supply chain jobs seldom outline their reasons for going or provide helpful feedback, leaving employers unclear about why they left.

The Strategic Sourceror’sresident supply chain recruitment expert explains why high-performing procurement practitioners decide to walk:

Absence of growth opportunities

Most talented professionals like to know that there are career progression pathways open to them. If these aren’t communicated adequately by managers, and if top talent isn’t enabled to move through the ranks via regular check-ins with managers, they’ll become disenchanted and look elsewhere.

Poor work-life balance

The new generation of procurement talent expects a decent amount of flexibility, and most of them seek work schedules that include built-in options to change up their schedule. These include remote working opportunities and/or paid time off – relatively minor concessions employers can make to sustain employee engagement and happiness.

Lack of recognition

Whether your procurement practitioners are delivering stellar performances or struggling to find their feet, they will appreciate reminders that their efforts are valued. It doesn’t necessarily mean pay rises or other expensive incentives – a public thank you goes a long way to keep up morale and loyalty.

Toxic workplace culture

Good-hearted, aspiring talent confronted with a workplace environment riven by cliques, needless competition, and backbiting office politics will often vote with their feet. Bad work environments like this also tend to deter honest feedback, making it almost impossible to remedy the problems.

Clear career progression opportunities, flexibility, recognition, and beneficent workplace cultures are the solutions to keep top talent on board.

Source: https://www.strategicsourceror.com/2019/07/infographic-heres-why-your-top.html

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