Procurement recruitment agencies will testify that new generation procurement candidates tend to expect a lot from their future employer. This is not in terms of just financial remuneration, but opportunities for career progressions, flexibility and a team with a strong procurement brand identity.

If you’re the recruitment manager at a procurement firm, you want to seek the most talented candidates for vacant procurement jobs and supply chain jobs. If you are struggling to attract candidates, however, then perhaps you need to focus more on making your organisation stand out “as an employer of choice in a crowded marketplace.”

So, here are some tips to help your organisation win the best possible talent:

Give your careers page a digital makeover

Not enough organisations get the best out of their careers page. It’s an opportunity to showcase their brand and, as increasing numbers of talented candidates are assessing prospective employers via company websites and review sites like Glassdoor, it should not be neglected. Getting the digital framing right on this page can sway visiting applicants in your favour.

Improve the interview schedule with technology

Skilled candidates for procurement jobs can be put off by slow response times and complex interview schedules. A recent study found that 50% of candidates were put off by inadequate communication during the interview process. The best candidates appreciate hiring experiences that are both personal and high-tech: if they sense they’re being made to jump through unnecessary hoops, they’ll begin to look elsewhere.

Deliver a streamlined, consistent interview process

Interviews give organisations a chance to stand out from the crowd by showcasing their unique culture. But interviewers all need to be on the same page first. Before the process begins, every interviewer should understand exactly what they’re seeking from the role that candidates are applying for. All should be clear about what’s important for a new hire and what is not.

Make the interview environment positive

Candidates value the prospect of joining a positive work culture. As Naseem Malik, Managing Partner at TYGES International put it, “Employees feel they are a top priority when firms offer adaptable work environments with clear career paths.”

Try to check off each of these points and you should be able to start attracting some of the best talent to your organisation. What’s more, if you can secure this talent, your company reputation can only grow, with an exponential effect on your future recruitment efforts.

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