With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into effect from 25 May 2018, procurement recruitment has become more important than ever, and experts predict that the legislation will have an enormous impact in driving future procurement jobs in the UK.

Main trends in procurement recruitment

GDPR has already altered the landscape of the procurement industry and many teams are now focussed on reviewing existing contracts. Considering that there are about 570 million procurement contracts in the UK, this will undoubtedly be a painstaking task. For this reason, and to ensure compliance with the new regulations, organisations are looking to hire procurement professionals who are knowledgeable about GDPR, data storage and outsourcing to tackle this enormous workload.

Integrated procurement division

For the remainder of 2018, it is likely that companies will focus on strategic procurement, in turn transforming procurement into a division that is completely integrated with the rest of an organisation. This is so that procurement staff will be able to offer tailored support to different departments in a quick and flexible manner.

When it comes to recruitment, companies will look for specialist procurement professionals, who can help to meet the demands of their end customers and adapt to the changing needs of current customers while maintaining compliance with GDPR.

GDPR, Brexit and procurement recruitment

Despite the current Brexit negotiations and the drawn-out effects of Britain’s departure from the European Union, it appears that the UK procurement sector remains extremely optimistic for the future. However, the legal ramifications of Brexit and GDPR mean that procurement professionals will have to work in close collaboration with legal teams to minimise damage and risk to organisations’ supply chains.

Brexit and GDPR will have a profound effect on procurement recruitment in 2018, as companies will be pushed to adhere to certain regulations without adversely affecting their supply chains. This is why organisations must focus on hiring professionals with in-depth legal and financial knowledge to minimise any issues in their supply chains.

The bottom line

Overall, procurement recruitment will most likely be dominated mainly by roles surrounding GDPR. Additionally, organisations will be on the lookout for professionals, who can aid in the development of new platforms to ensure optimal data storage and security. Most importantly, those with experience reviewing and drafting contracts, agreements and strategic changes will be in high demand, especially as organisations look to optimise their supply chains in the months ahead.

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