Knowledge of ethical procurement is a prerequisite for procurement jobs in the modern world, as all procurement recruitment agencies can testify. Global tyre manufacturer Goodyear has just unveiled what form this will take in the field of rubber procurement.

Its new procurement policy addresses deforestation, human/worker rights and land grabbing in the countries where natural rubber is sourced.

The policy incorporates seven principals for an ethical and sustainable supply chain:

  • Human rights: Goodyear aims to protect the rights of all involved in the natural rubber supply chain, nurturing a positive working environment at all levels.
  • Responsible land acquisition and usage: Land grabbing and deforestation will be prohibited from Goodyear’s supply chain.
  • Traceability: Renewed emphasis will be placed on ensuring the capacity to trace natural rubber from one end of the supply chain to the other.
  • Natural processing of rubber: All suppliers must process natural rubber for manufacturing use in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible way.
  • Growing and harvesting: Goodyear’s suppliers will be encouraged to implement best cultivation practices for existing and replanted natural rubber trees.
  • Smallholders: The company will strive to grow yields and advance the livelihoods of existing smallholders by encouraging all direct suppliers and other relevant parties in the supply chain to support surrounding communities.
  • Compliance: Goodyear will preside over transparent implementation of its new policy which remains free from corruption.

Commenting on the initiative, Goodyear’s VP and Chief Procurement Officer Maureen Thune highlighted the emphasis on environmental responsibility and protecting the rights of all involved in the supply chain, including the smallholders growing rubber trees on their own land.

Goodyear is also, via the Tyre Industry Project or TIP (a CEO driven endeavour composed of 11 global leaders in tyre manufacture), working with stakeholders including civil society, rubber producers and automakers, to build a sustainable platform for natural rubber production.

Thune added: “Together, we are exploring best practices for responsible sourcing and identifying appropriate governance structures for the platform, all with the goal of making sustainable natural rubber a reality.”

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