Hiring Procurement Interim Cadidates

In an ideal world, you already have all the staff you need, who, between them have all the correct skills, expertise and knowledge of the correct procurement sector for all your organisational needs.

In reality, there may be times you may not always have the skills and expertise at hand that you require for each procurement project you undertake.

A viable option for any procurement function is the hiring of interim candidates – or temporary / contract staff. These are highly skilled, experienced procurement professionals who can be hired on a temporary basis to fulfil a project or cover for maternity or sick leave or just to fill a gap in your team, without the commitment of a full-time member of staff.

There are many benefits to hiring an interim candidate to fulfil a procurement position. Here of five to get you started:

Try before you buy

Past experience of interviewing potential candidates might have shown you that whilst on paper they fit the bill, in reality, they may not have any practical work experience. It may cost additional time and resources to bridge the gap in working knowledge before seeing a return in profit.

The advantage of hiring interim staff are that you can see how they work, their commitment, what they can offer the organisation as well as whether they work well within your existing team. i.e. Try before you buy

Increase profitability and efficiency

Hiring an interim candidate for specific procurement projects allows you to focus on building the skills of your permanent staff and training in the areas that are required long-term, building confidence in your staff.

This solution also allows you to keep your internal resources focused on your procurement function to ensure maximum cost savings are made.

Cater for procurement projects – Flexibility

When you have procurement projects that require specialist expertise, hiring an interim candidate to manage these projects can be beneficial. They can bring a wealth of experience and knowledge, a fresh perspective as well as the commitment that not only can provide the solution quickly but also in a time efficient manner.

This option allows you the flexibility to hire according to when your organisation needs it. Ensuring you don’t have a shortage of staff during those busy periods.

Cost Effective and Time Efficient

Hiring an interim candidate may not cost any more than the hourly rate you pay your permanent staff on paper, but whilst permanent staff are paid a salary regardless of whether there is a lot of work or not, interim candidates are paid for what they do and once their assignment is complete they can be let go thus you do not incur unnecessary further costs.

As an interim candidate they have a personal interest in the project because if they complete their work to a high standard and to the deadline, they are likely to be hired again, be provided with good recommendations and references that builds on and expands their portfolios and therefore increases their demand within the market.

They need you as much as you need them!

Quick hire to cover busy periods

There are times of the year such as end-of-year auditing or physical stock taking where there is a need for on-demand procurement candidate hire due to a peak in work demands.

In these times, hiring procurement interim candidates offer the relief that ensures the welfare and happiness of your permanent staff. This reducing of pressure and stress on permanent staff can help in keeping absenteeism at bay and maintain morale during the tough times.

In conclusion, there are many great benefits of hiring interim procurement candidates. It is a unique working relationship due to both parties benefiting one another beyond the obvious financial aspect.

The increase in the use of interim procurement candidates is resulting in more and more specialist professionals signing up to provide quick solutions whilst having the freedom to work on their terms.

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