Bringing about change in an organisation and ensuring that it trickles down to the supply chain can be challenging, which is why you must get key stakeholders on board. When they are engaged and feel that they are essential in the decision-making process, you can make changes more easily and successfully.

Here are some ways to engage the key stakeholders and get them on board:

Listen to their opinions and concerns

Procurement professionals will find it tough to get stakeholders on board if they go and tell them about changes. Instead, spend time finding out the stakeholders’ concerns about a product or service, and get their thoughts on how procurement has handled the sourcing process until now. You can ask them for suggestions and whether they have any ideas to improve it.

Customise your approach

Once you know the views and opinions of the key stakeholders, you can tailor your approach based on these. If you intend on making a change in procurement, address the concerns of the stakeholders during your discussion by offering solutions. Be thorough and precise, so that they know how the solutions will work. Let the key stakeholders know how changes in procurement will benefit them, particularly in the areas that they mentioned.

Keep communication channels open

It is essential that you are always available to discuss issues and other pain points with the key stakeholders. Then, they will feel involved and valued. In return, they will be happy to accept the changes and do whatever is needed at their end to comply.

Getting the key stakeholders on board does not have to be an issue. When engaged, they are more likely to help you bring about the necessary changes in the supply chain and ensure your processes are always compliant.

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