How can candidates without a Bachelor’s degree overcome the widespread assumption that it’s a necessity for the most coveted procurement jobs? Procurement news outlet, The Strategic Sourcerer, offers five personal selling-points that look better on a CV than a BA or BSc.

Evidence of rapid progression

Candidates who lack higher education but have advanced in their careers rapidly should emphasise this in their CVs as evidence of determination and competence. They have won the trust of their superiors, suggesting integrity and a willingness to grapple with real-world problems, experiences that most new graduates lack.

Emphasise relevant experience

While experience in procurement jobs is invaluable, unrelated experience such as serving as the chairperson of a charitable enterprise can be relevant. It demonstrates strong leadership qualities. Experience of work in other practical environments should be showcased because, again, it shows an ability to grapple with real-world challenges. Graduates with only a standardised, formal academic qualification will usually lack this.

Highlight real achievements

Always include tangible selling-points, such as ‘increased sales by X’ or ‘reduced spending to save Y’. These are the sort of accomplishments that drive a business’ success and hirers will notice them in a CV. Also include any industry awards, even small commendations, as they show recognition by previous employers of competence and efficacity in given occupations.

Include strong references

These verify a non-degree candidate’s finest attributes, e.g., a reliable workhorse, able to think innovatively, honest, agreeable, etc. They show that the candidate has made a positive impact in previous roles.

Dedication beyond the workplace

Candidates who can show their interest and involvement in community service, as well as other professional or athletic organisations, show that they are well-rounded people who can bring a diverse viewpoint and help build team cohesion. Philanthropic experience especially demonstrates ethical behaviour.

With such attributes on a CV, procurement recruitment agencies will have little difficulty in matching a non-graduate with a great role.

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