Supply chain recruitment expert Rodney Apple has urged recruiters to ensure they and their clients have the right tech in place to source the best candidates for their supply chain jobs.

Apple, who heads a leading US supply chain recruitment consultancy, maintains that the task of finding the right candidates for vital supply chain jobs will be seriously impeded without expanded candidate sourcing channels.

While they are essential, Apple explains that applicant tracking systems (ATS) are insufficient because they’re focused only on processing inbound job applicants who have responded to job ads. A good ATS must be supplemented with other methods for sourcing candidates from a client’s competitors. These include accessing leading supply chain associations and encouraging clients to get their employees to act as talent scouts.

Recruiters should also assist clients in developing employee referral programmes, to incentivise existing staff to refer colleagues for vacant supply chain jobs. As we discussed yesterday, this could include a points-based system where successful appointments could be “cashed in” for rewards like an additional day’s leave or a gift card.

Apple advises that Older ATS tools which require excessive clicking through multiple screens and which force candidates to complete excessive data fields should be upgraded to more advanced alternatives. Strong ATS tools should communicate with candidates via SMS texts and drip email campaigns, involve minimal clicking and data entry, and should be accessible by smartphone, tablet and computer. They should also automate routine steps such as candidate scheduling and communications, integrating social media and websites for job ads.

But other tools beyond the ATS can also be immensely valuable. Some are add-ons to existing ATS and Customer Relationship Management systems, while others are browser extensions that enable recruiters and clients to find candidates’ email addresses or email add-ons that yield stronger insights of the individuals themselves.

Finally, Apple recommends the ‘Boolean Black Belt Sourcing/Recruiting’ website – a “treasure trove” of more than a hundred recruiting resources, including advice on Boolean search, utilising social media and getting the best out of services like LinkedIn.

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