Procurement staff tend to get anxious and stressed when they get a new department leader which, as a result, can adversely affect staff performance and productivity. In the worst case scenario, the staff can make critical errors in their tasks, leading to serious problems and issues.

Being a good leader

A leader’s main job is to ensure optimal performance. This is why new procurement managers should not let anxiety creep into the office. However, it has been observed that many procurement leaders, who take over the reins, often want to clearly demonstrate who is at the helm which could potentially lead to uncertainty, chaos, and even fear among employees.

Experts recommend that transitory leaders should look out for employee anxiety and try to negotiate this as early as possible. Instead, from day one, they should work to calm the staff and look at ways to motivate them, so that they are inspired to follow the leader. When managers and employees work in a calm and relaxed atmosphere, the organisation as a whole will benefit.

Start a new beginning

Successful leadership transitions should be about giving procurement staff hope and showing them an opportunity for a new beginning, streamlining processes and improving working conditions for everyone. Employees should welcome the change at the helm and leaders should demonstrate that the change means better things lie ahead.

What’s more, managers should realise that talent retention takes time and effort. With an intimidating workplace, it will be difficult for leaders in transition to retain their best talent. It can also make procurement recruitment difficult, especially if the organisation is looking for a specialised industry professional.

The bottom line

Becoming a new leader can be intimidating and overwhelming. However, you should realise you have achieved the leadership position because of your knowledge, talent and expertise. So, rather than trying to bully the staff to do as you say and think, create a collaborative environment that spurs everyone to work hard, be more productive, and help the organisation to save money and make its procurement processes more efficient.

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