With the ever-approaching Brexit deadline, procurement recruitment has undergone a profound change. Organisations are on the hunt for skilled and knowledgeable procurement talent, who can manage a diverse group of suppliers and understand the ins and outs of procurement. Today, sourcing is not just about reducing costs for an organisation, but also about sourcing quality materials and products, making sure that these are delivered to a prompt deadline.

So, if your organisation is looking to attract the right talent, here are a few things that you can do.

Designing the workforce

It’s useful to spend some time reflecting on what your organisation stands for and convincing potential candidates that working for you will add value to their career. Sometimes, it pays to use current employees as advocates and get them to write positive testimonials to publish online. You should also focus on enhancing your brand, ensuring that your procurement recruitment professionals are adequately trained to create the right impression during the first interaction with potential candidates.

Finding professionals who fit in

Skills and experience are essential when recruiting procurement talent. However, finding the right cultural fit is equally important. If a candidate possesses the right technical skills, but doesn’t fit into the organisation, it will be difficult for both you and them later on. Using behavioural assessment tests and tools can help you to identify the preferable character traits in each and every applicant. Ask for examples of key soft skills such as team work and self-awareness, as these are invaluable attributes in the world of procurement.

Ensure progression opportunities

Make sure that you provide development pathways to new and existing employees. Encourage new employees to learn the mechanics and art of procurement. Create mentoring programmes by pairing high-performers with a knowledgeable senior, who can guide them and help them to acquire the right knowledge to progress. Employees who feel they are moving up the ladder are usually more satisfied in their work and less likely to move on to another organisation.

Finding the right procurement talent does not have to be difficult. If you use the right techniques and tools for procurement recruitment, you will be able to identify the talent. Once a candidate has been secured, it’s important to offer training and development opportunities while acknowledging talent through rewards and performance management solutions. Used wisely and in equal measure, these approaches with help you to find, train and retain the best talent on the market.

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