Technology has played a major role in helping recruitment evolve. At first, technology made it easy to access jobs, but the focus is now on ensuring that candidates find the right job. While economies grapple with a downturn, there is still a demand for skilled and specialist professionals in organisations. This has given the UK recruitment industry a boost, with the anticipation that it will perform well in the new year.

AI making a difference

The recruitment industry still depends on human involvement, as recruitment specialists are responsible for deciding the right candidate for the business. It is a task that AI has not been able to take over, but artificial intelligence has gone a long way to help recruitment professionals streamline the recruitment process and engage prospective talent.

Changes in procurement recruitment

As the recruitment industry undergoes changes, procurement recruitment is also changing. Procurement is no longer viewed as a tactical buying responsibility. Today, organisations are looking for skillsets that go beyond the usual technical capabilities possessed by procurement professionals. Today, organisations seek individuals who excel in stakeholder engagement, have commercial acumen and high emotional intelligence.

With the emphasis more on behavioural attributes, organisations are seeking the best technologies to help them find the right talent – someone who can deliver their procurement strategy. This is the reason procurement recruitment specialists now provide innovation outside of technology and create a pipeline of talent to fill the missing skillsets that organisations face.

It is necessary to think outside the box and work strategically to find capable and talented procurement professionals who can deliver on marketing strategies that organisations have formulated while building and expanding the procurement network. But, procurement professionals looking for better opportunities need to work on acquiring the skills that modern-day organisations seek, which will help to make them more employable and attractive to companies.

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