CPOs are constantly in the hunt for good candidates. However, the long recruitment process in organisations is responsible for the shrinking of the talent pool. If you take too long to hire a talented procurement professional, your competition will grab the candidates and benefit from it – this would be your loss. Thankfully, there are ways to shorten the procurement recruitment process. 

Shorten the interview process

On average, the interview process in the UK takes about 28.9 days to complete. The process begins from the day when the hiring manager gets in touch with the candidate and ends when the candidate accepts the offer. This duration is too long for a good candidate to wait.

Instead, organisations should look to cut the 29-day interview process to a week to 14 days to ensure that they find the perfect candidates for the role. Otherwise, they could end up with unfit or mediocre candidates who will not fit into the work culture of the organisation. 

Reorganise the recruitment process

CPOs should map the entire recruitment process so that they can find the lacunae in the process and look to overcome them. Streamlining the procurement recruitment process will allow CPOs to cut the duration of the process, which should not take longer than seven to 14 days.

CPOs should go back to the drawing board and ensure that from the first day of contact to when the candidate accepts the offer, the process should not go beyond 14 days. Completing the recruitment process quickly will allow organisations to hire the best procurement talent in the market.

These are some of the ways that CPOs can accelerate the procurement recruitment process and ensure that they get the best candidates from the talent pool. That way, the procurement process will benefit, and so will the overall organisation – it will be a win-win situation for everyone involved. 

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