The labour market has become candidate-driven and it is becoming tough for organisations to attract the best talent. But, thanks to technological advancements and disruptive technologies, recruitment is changing. At the same time, procurement talent is rare. Organisations are looking at the same talent pool to attract, hire, and retain the talent, making the process highly competitive.

Since recruiters have to be ahead of their competition, they are forced to embrace technology. The recruiters focusing on technological trends will succeed in attracting the right procurement talent while others will be left behind.

Big data analysis

Some years ago, talent acquisition was a people’s profession but has now become a data-driven one. While not new to use data to hire the right talent, the volume of data has increased. This data is providing procurement recruitment managers with deeper and greater insights, allowing them to make strategic hiring decisions. Whether it is hiring procurement interims or full-time staff, big data ensures that recruitment professionals can find, nurture, and retain top talent without any hassle.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the newcomer and everyone is raving about it. It has become the mainstay of recruitment and is already having a positive impact on many organisations. Repetitive tasks, such as screening CVs, are now handled by AI-enabled software designed for recruitment. This software automates the process of candidate search by using the input parameters to shortlist candidates that match them. Chatbots are another artificial intelligence helping HR professionals to respond quickly and efficiently to candidate questions. AI is helping recruitment professionals by taking over repetitive tasks and ensuring time-saving and ‘customer’ satisfaction.

The bottom line

The fight to get the top talent in procurement is becoming tough, with organisations using innovative ways to find the right candidates. Using technology to access and manage talent acquisition is one of the best ways to search, screen, and nurture procurement talent and meet the organisation’s needs.

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