Organisations are actively seeking procurement talent that have the ability to make sourcing cost-effective while also being proactive. With the demand for procurement surging, now is the best time to apply for jobs and land an interview. Of course, with stiff competition, it is essential to stand out and make recruitment managers sit up and notice you. 

Here are some tips to help you make a positive impression during your job interview.

Research the company well

Before the job interview, spend time understanding the company’s target market, services and products. Use trade journals, the company website, LinkedIn and trade magazines for your research. Try to also find out the type of procurement that the company does. It will give you an advantage and additional knowledge to answer questions and show that you are proactive, a go-getter and someone who plans ahead. This will create a positive impression on the interviewer and make sure that they remember you long after you have left the room. Of course, it increases your chances of getting an offer from the company. 

Don’t put up an act

It is important that you stay away from being someone you are not during the interview. The recruiter will be able to notice this. Instead, be yourself and talk about your interests, passions and areas in which you want to improve. Honesty is often appreciated and recruitment managers tend to favour honest candidates over those who create a fake persona. 

Make your interview into a friendly conversation

A good interview is never a Q&A session. Rather, it is a conversation where you speak your mind and portray a positive image of yourself. Therefore, make the interview a blend of conversation and questions and answers by working your questions into the answers. It will allow you to demonstrate your knowledge and personality while creating a positive impression on the interviewer. 

Use these tips to stand out and get the offer letter that you are eager to receive.

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