There has always been a demand for qualified and experienced procurement professionals. However, finding the right talent has become increasingly difficult. There is a silver lining for procurement interims and professionals who are looking for better opportunities. Companies are going out of their way to attract the right talent by understanding the changing demands and requirements of the workforce. Here are some tips to help organisation find and retain procurement talent.

Demonstrate your ability to meet their long-term goals

Procurement professionals are looking to build a career in the organisation that they join. They want to know how they will benefit from working for a particular company. Hence, CPOs and HR should demonstrate the development and advantages that procurement professionals will enjoy working for the organisation. When they do this, they will be able to attract the talent that they require.

Offer the right resources and technologies

Procurement is undergoing digital transformation and technology is becoming integral to the entire procurement process. It empowers the team and allows them to minimise costs and maximise value for the organisation. Young procurement professionals are keen to join forward-thinking companies that realise the importance of technologies and do not want procurement professionals to be paper-pushers. So, highlight the technologies and resources that the procurement team uses to boost sourcing.

Highlight the requirements of the job

It is necessary that the prospect knows what the job entails. This way, they will be able to decide whether they are the right fit for the job and the organisation is confident that they are hiring an adept person, who can handle the tasks without any issue.

Make salary and benefits competitive

Remember, you need to be competitive to attract the right talent. Hence, find out the industry standards and pay the procurement professional enough and ensure they get the right benefits. This will enable you to get and retain the talent you are seeking.

There are qualified procurement professionals out there and it is important that businesses provide what these professionals are looking for. Once that is done, they can overcome the shortage they are experiencing.

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