Professionals occupying local government procurement and supply chain jobs have a new tool to help them comply fully with the UK Modern Slavery Act. The tool, a live transparency map, pinpoints slavery and labour exploitation hotspots across the country based on real-time information obtained from the Anti-Slavery Helpline.

Debuting during Anti-Slavery Month in October this year, the UK Transparency Map is an easy-to-use tool that unlocks data trapped within local government procurement budgets. It allows professionals in local government supply chain and procurement jobs to swiftly check that all their suppliers are in compliance with the UK Modern Slavery Act, ensuring that they are fully informed when deciding where to spend public funds.

The tool originated from open data project TISCreport, an initiative set up to enforce compliance with the new act and empower local government procurement teams to help drive out slavery and exploitation from their supply chains without spending any additional public money.

In keeping with the “Transparency” moniker, members of the public can now see how many calls to the UK Anti-Slavery Helpline come from within their own cities, districts and boroughs.

Welcoming the tool, Director of the UK Anti-Slavery Helpline Justine Currell said: “Initiatives such as this will be the catalyst for action, providing an informed picture of modern slavery and transparency like we have never seen before. I am proud to partner with TISCreport, showing how unique data sets can unlock the key to better understanding and preventing exploitative situations.”

TISCreport CTO Stuart Gallemore revealed that when the initiative piloted at the start of last month, it was monitoring 200,000 live local government supplier relationships. Just eight weeks later, it is monitoring nearly 500,000 supplier relationships and counting. He added that momentum is building, and he expects the tool to have a positive impact.

One question that specialist procurement recruitment agencies might put to candidates for public sector roles is: “How will the new TISCreport Transparency Map assist you?”

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