If there is an industry that benefits the most from procurement, it is private equity. Look at a private equity firm, and you will see that they buy companies, improve performance by making them more efficient, productive and cost-effective, and then sell those organisations for a profit. As many of these tasks fall under the daily purview of procurement professionals, it’s easy to see why this is such an integral part of private equity.

So, as a sourcing professional, if you are keen to know more about procurement recruitment in private equity firms, here are a few things that you should know to improve your chances of joining this industry.

The perfect candidate

Private equity organisations look for candidates who can add value to portfolio companies. You should be an expert in sourcing and supply chain management and, if you have an industry niche, you are sure to be welcomed by these companies. It is easier to join a private equity organisation if you come from a business where you were instrumental in introducing efficient processes and reducing expenses through spend analytics. As with any interview, you will have to present tangible evidence to substantiate your claim.

Private equity companies tend to recruit procurement professionals who are interested in improving portfolio companies quickly and efficiently, and who are willing to make quick decisions and take calculated risks. In addition to this, you should have the knowledge and experience to use the latest sourcing technologies, so as to pass this information on to a portfolio company.

Why join a private equity firm?

Private equity firms do not have red-tape and administrative issues that often plague larger companies, which enables procurement professionals to make rapid-fire decisions to improve the sourcing functions in portfolio companies. In addition to this, these firms use the latest tools and cutting-edge technologies, which many of the larger companies and brands do not use. To gain experience with these products will undoubtedly expand a CV and make it more attractive for future applications.

If you are a performer at one of the portfolio organisations, it will improve your visibility and boost your chances of being recruited by a private equity firm. The experience you gain working for one of these organisations will offer rich dividends throughout your career, and building experience in private equity procurement recruitment can open up a world of opportunities.

If your interested in interim procurement and supply chain opportunities within the private equity sector apply here

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