The Southern Construction Framework and the North West Construction Hub have teamed up to develop and launch a countrywide professional services framework, the Integrated Consultancy Framework.

The framework would allow players in the field to offer their services at a regional level rather than just at a national level.

Manchester City Council, Hampshire County Council and Devon County Council came up with the Integrated Consultancy Framework.

The framework is set to become operational from May 2020 and will operate for four years. It will be available to the public sector in West Midlands, Wales, the North West, the South West, Wales and London. It will allow public sector clients to get prompt and convenient access to professionals in the fields of management and multi-disciplinary design.

The framework will provide open book accounting and design innovation and also get rid of waste from the procurement process. However, the biggest benefit would be that the framework will run at a national level but focus on providing value at a local level.

Keith Heard, who is the framework manager at Southern Construction Framework, said that the framework was developed after a collective pool of ideas was brought together to improve the way public sector gets access to construction procurement. 

He believes that the framework would be able to resolve the systemic failures that the construction industry is experiencing at the moment. It will do away with the lowest price bid offers, which are unsustainable, and focus on collaborative and teamwork that ensures value. 

Keith Heard, framework manager for Southern Construction Frameworks said: “The framework proposal was born out of a joint intellectual pool of ideas that can improve the way public sector construction procurement is being delivered.

“The new approach is an answer to the systemic failures of a fragmented construction industry.

“It will replace the unsustainable lowest price way of thinking and instead drive value-driven collaborative working, based on an integrated team approach.”

Ian Hall, Interim Framework Lead for North West Construction Hub said: “This framework is an opportunity for industry leaders to not only develop a more sustainable ‘off-site’ and ‘digital construction’ solution for public sector clients but also to allow for local SME engagement and well-being.

“Single framework procurement is a mechanism to save time, cost and resources by doing it once, with the right values and culture in mind that allows for high impact solutions”.

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