Procurement interims are in high demand in the UK as they bring knowledge and talent that the organisation may be lacking. If you are a procurement interim, you can grow and excel in your field by boosting your knowledge and forging a relationship with suppliers and vendors. You can do this by harnessing the power of social media. 

Here are some ways to benefit from social media networking sites.

Building relationships with suppliers

Social media sites are not meant solely for customer engagement or finding talent. You can also use sites like LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to build a relationship with suppliers. Join groups where your suppliers are active, and participate in discussions. You can also follow suppliers on these sites so that you know what is happening with them. You can use social media to start an informal line of communication with them to build a personal rapport with them. You can tap on this relationship when the need arises. 

Be a step ahead with current news

Rather than browsing multiple sites to learn about the latest products, innovations, product recalls, and disruption in supply chains, you can get onto social media and enjoy access to real-time news. Armed with this valuable information, you will be able to work in an organised manner and also be in a position to mitigate risks and help your organisation stay ahead of the competition. Having this knowledge will make you the go-to procurement interim, allowing you to be a highly sought-after professional. 

Boost learning through sharing

A professional cannot stay static. There has to be growth and knowledge enhancement throughout the career so that you can grow professionally and personally. Social media sites give you an opportunity to share your knowledge and ideas and also learn from others. It will help you grow as a professional. You can easily get advice from other procurement professionals to drive change and innovation in the organisation that you are associated with.

Social media gives you an opportunity to learn and grow. It helps you demonstrate your expertise to the organisation and improve your performance and knowledge. Hence, you should not hesitate to make use of it. 

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