More procurement professionals prefer working as procurement interims or on a contract basis than taking up a full-time job. Many organisations depend on interims for specialist services and to fill skills gaps in the short-term. If procurement chiefs can understand why procurement professionals choose to work as interims, they will be able to get more value from these short-term hires.


Many professionals do not want the restriction of a permanent contract because it affects their work/life balance. It does not mean that these professionals will leave work to go home early each day. Instead, they get downtime between projects, which they can spend with their families and take care of their personal interests.

Wide experience

If a procurement professional works as a permanent employee, they will get a little experience from one or two roles. If they work as interims, they are exposed to a wide number of roles, and so gain experience in different operating models and locations. As a result, interims can build more skills, and quickly progress as procurement professionals.

Enjoy higher pay

Since procurement interims work in different projects and firms, they build sought-after skills. So, businesses are willing to pay more to these professionals. It is prudent to remember that interims are onboard for specific projects of fixed duration. They do not enjoy company perks, such as pension contribution, so command a higher salary. It is prudent that in procurement, interims are chosen to fill roles that permanent employees cannot fill. As a result, interims can demand higher compensation.

Significant contribution to the company

Since interims join for specific projects, they help organisations realise immediate cost savings and also work to implement efficient processes, having a positive effect on the company’s bottom line. Procurement interims provide quantifiable evidence to the organisation of the value and contribution they make, making them more attractive to employers.

Not everyone can work as a procurement interim. But, if you have the skills to offer a positive effect on an organisation, it may be the right choice for you. Organisations that want immediate efficiency and benefits should not think twice about hiring procurement interims for short-term projects.

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