Just a few years ago, organisations did not have a problem writing job specifications when they wanted to hire a procurement professional. The organisations just had to mention that they needed an experienced procurement and supply chain professional with a CIPS qualification, outstanding analytical and numerical skills, and the ability to negotiate deals with a focus on the bottom line.

Over the last decade, however, procurement recruitment has undergone a significant change and organisations are looking for more from their prospective candidates.

Skills required by modern procurement

Procurement is now considered a critical function to improve business processes while mitigating risks. These procedures need to utilise the latest technologies while redesigning and implementing commercial strategies for organisational success.

Today, organisations are not that particular about candidates having years of conventional procurement and supply chain experience. Instead, they are looking for professionals who are articulate, collaborative and analytical, with the ability to work alongside stakeholders and build long-term relationships with suppliers.

In addition to this, while some procurement experience is important, organisations are keener to hire tech-savvy professionals who have strategic thinking skills and a record of forging and improving stakeholder relationships.

CPOs are looking to create teams that have the skills and knowledge to ensure the delivery of procurement strategies while having the confidence to take advantage of the latest technologies, like collaborative networks and predictive analytics.

The way forward

Procurement professionals, or those who are keen to enter the procurement field, should focus on improving their tech skills. Today, analytics has become the key to improving procurement and supply chain procedures. As businesses are adopting data-driven processes, candidates should learn to manage, harvest and analyse big data to help organisations make prompt and strategic business decisions.

So, if you are looking to advance your career as a procurement professional, you should invest in building your relationship and analytical skills, be comfortable with new technology, and have the ability to develop quick responses based on changing market conditions.

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