Most organisations begin their recruitment process in the New Year. However, if you want to be different and attract the right procurement talent, you should recruit during the holiday season. Procurement professionals are more relaxed then and can often come for interviews and face-to-face discussions as the pressure of work is lower. But, it is important to go about holiday season recruitment the right way. These tips will help Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs) and hiring managers to get it right.

Do not contact candidates on the day itself

You may be working Christmas day, but don’t take it for granted that a prospective candidate will be doing the same. Avoid getting in touch with candidates on the day unless you are sure they will be happy to talk to you then.

Use the holiday season to nurture the talent pipeline

Most HR professionals maintain a database of prospective candidates. Rather than referring to it when you want to hire, use it to nurture your talent pipeline. The best time is during the festive season when you can send personalised greetings for Christmas and the New Year. It is a great way to show that you view them as people, not candidates.

Invite prospects to your company’s Christmas party

When you are certain that a candidate is keen to join your organisation, use the Christmas party to introduce them to the team and the culture of the organisation. It will allow them to get to know their co-workers and work out the company and department culture. As a result, they will be more comfortable from the start.

The final words

Christmas is hectic for many people. So, if a candidate is unable to accept your request for a meeting during the holidays, be accommodating and schedule it for the New Year. Then, you won’t risk losing the talent and will show your willingness to be flexible – a quality that many professionals would like in their workplace.

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