Procurement recruitment consultancies may be well advised to adopt Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in the light of a new report by Randstad Sourceright. Surveying 800 talent management professionals from across the globe, the research found that more than half the respondents (54%) believe that AI is improving the efficiency and consistency of the hiring process.

Industries such as procurement and supply chain are all too aware that there is an exceedingly keen competition for a small pool of skilled talent, whether companies are seeking to find procurement interims or to appoint permanent procurement staff. The Randstad study suggests that a major advantage of AI in procurement recruitment is its ability to make the hiring process feel less impersonal.

The report found that a cleverly designed chat-bot appeared to prevent candidates from feeling forgotten during protracted hiring processes. This may seem counterintuitive, bots aren’t the first thing people think of when they hear the word “personal”. Yet 43% of respondents in the survey reported that AI does indeed have that potential, by freeing hiring managers from more laborious tasks so that they can concentrate on fostering stronger relationships with select candidates.

On average, almost half (46%) of the employers polled said they were expanding their tech investments to improve the hiring experience. The proportion was highest (64%) amongst respondents based in India, but Sweden, Singapore and Brazil showed a similarly large trend. 60% of US decision-makers were already undertaking this expansion.

Globally, the most common actions taken by decision-makers to integrate tech in the hiring experience were:

  • Improving the career website experience
  • Creating talent communities and content plans
  • Conducting training for website managers

Over three-quarters of US-based decision makers reported that their companies undertake regular internal audits to chart the candidate experience from their initial search to a formal appointment.

Given that procurement professionals are in short supply in the UK and elsewhere, maybe it’s time to begin embracing AI to nurture those precious relationships with premium candidates.

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