Come Valentine’s Day, millions of people will exchange flowers, gifts, and their love and appreciation without consideration for the supply chain that goes into ensuring that they get these symbols of love at the correct time and place.

Valentine’s procurement makes sure that all items required for this special day make it to online and offline stores on time, but the efforts of the procurement team are often forgotten by the organisation. It is time to change this and ensure that procurement also gets rewarded on Valentine’s Day for their work. If you are wondering why, here are a few reasons.

Compliance with company policies and regulations

Procurement ensures that any sourcing, whether for Valentine’s procurement or other, follows the company’s regulations and policies. The department stringently complies with the organisation’s compliance checklist and does not deviate from it. This ensures seamless sourcing of goods and items.

Transparent sourcing

Procurement ensures that the process of procuring goods and items is transparent. Whether it’s spend data or managing vendor contracts, there is transparency, which helps the organisation to reduce costs and enjoy increased savings. The team handles inefficiencies in the supply chain without you realising it and without it affecting the business.

Forging long-term relationships

Procurement professionals excel in forging long-term relationships with vendors so that the organisation always has access to the best quality products at the lowest possible price. These professionals work hard to satisfy all stakeholders so that they benefit from this collaboration.

Unconditional support

The procurement team of an organisation works to support every department so that they achieve their objectives. They take time to understand each department’s needs and ensure those requirements are met while ensuring maximum return on investment.

The procurement department works for the benefit of the organisation so that it can save money without compromising the quality of its products and services. This is the reason these busy professionals should also have a day where they are appreciated for the work they do and Valentine’s Day is just the time for it.

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