As a procurement professional, learning sales jargon is a great way to establish your professional credibility. Without a doubt, procurement of marketing services is a tricky and complex task, and there is a steep learning curve for anyone who wants to master it. The world of marketing is constantly changing, and the task of trying to understand the issues and concerns of your marketing colleagues can be overwhelming.

Procurement professionals in this fields need to spend time and effort to build and refresh internal relationships with other employees. Likewise, if you are keen to launch a marketing services sourcing project, you need to be aware of your stakeholder’s expectations and to develop strong relationships with them.

Problems in the procurement of marketing services

  • Decision makers have personal relationships with marketing agencies
  • Too many suppliers offer the same services, and marketing professionals will purchase the services without contracts
  • The pricing models of suppliers are not always transparent
  • Marketing professionals do not bother with value for money or using their limited budget effectively

These are just some the challenges that procurement must overcome to offer value to the marketing department.

The bright side of things

In most organisations, marketing budgets are being cut with the aim to reduce operational costs. This is why it is increasingly necessary for marketing departments to collaborate with procurement staff to ensure that they secure formal contracts that will offer value for money.

While marketing personnel are looking to generate innovative and creative ideas, decision makers are looking to ensure that they use the services of suppliers who offer competitive pricing. Standalone marketing agencies are now disappearing while integrated content marketing agencies that offer end-to-end marketing solutions are on the rise. Hence, procurement professionals can take this opportunity to harmonise the procurement of marketing services so that they are compliant with their organisation’s expectations.

Those looking for entry or mid-level procurement jobs should learn more about procurement of marketing services to make a difference to their organisation. Not only will this make them more attractive candidates, but it will also provide an opportunity for the role of procurement specialists to develop in the future.

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