There is a demand in the UK for procurement professionals who are technology-savvy and will be able to help an organisation to navigate the impending difficulties of Brexit. While there is no dearth of procurement jobs, there’s plenty of competition for every role so, as a candidate, you’ll have to put your best foot forward at an interview.

Recruiters will often ask candidates to highlight their key strengths during the interview. If you get asked the same question during a job interview, use this opportunity to your advantage. It will allow you to create a positive impact and show the recruiter why you are the best candidate for the procurement role they are hoping to fill.

First impressions

When you are applying for a procurement role, it is crucial to make your first interaction with the recruiter count, so use the interview to stand apart from the crowd. It is best to list your key character traits and strengths beforehand and decide how you will put them across during the interview. This will make it easier and sound more fluent – after all, you don’t want to seem like you’re searching around for your attributes.


Talk about any character traits that you are proud of, but don’t just say things like you have a great sense of responsibility. Instead, describe a procurement project that you were involved in and how you took ownership of the assignment and played a role in its positive outcome.

Always give concrete examples to highlight your character traits so that the interviewer has proof of this in action and can ascertain your strengths.


In procurement, achievements are important. Whether you helped with the streamlining of a procurement process or you worked to transition your previous organisation to blockchain technology, it is necessary for you to emphasise your achievements with panache. You can even speak about the procurement technologies that you have mastered and how you leveraged these technologies in your existing or previous procurement role.

You can even discuss how you helped your organisation’s bottom line through strategic procurement or digitised the procurement process. These things will work to your advantage during the job interview. Always throw in relevant and factual figures and number. Above all, don’t lie about facts, as these may not sound plausible and can always be checked.

Use these tips to create the best possible impression during an interview for a procurement position. Make sure that you highlight your strengths clearly and positively.

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