The majority of organisations begin recruiting new employees in the New Year. You can start your recruitment process a little early during the holiday season if you are looking to attract exceptional procurement talent. During this period, most procurement professionals are not that busy and will be able to make time to attend interviews. It will enable you to wrap the entire process of procurement recruitment quickly. 

Here are some tips to help you recruit procurement talent successfully during the Christmas season.

Invite prospects to the company Christmas party

You will have a database of talent that you have been nurturing. This is the perfect time for them to experience the company culture. Don’t shy away from inviting them to the company’s Christmas party. It is an excellent time for prospects to mingle with the rest of the team so that they get to know them. It would help accelerate the recruitment and onboarding processes. 

Schedule interviews with care

While your organisation may be working on Christmas Day or Boxing Day, the same may not be the case with other companies. When you call shortlisted candidates for interviews, make sure that you first check their availability. It also portrays you and the company in a positive light to prospects. 

Do not contact prospects on the actual holiday

Refrain from getting in touch with prospects on Christmas Day or Boxing Day. Most will have already planned their holiday and will be busy with family and friends. Call only if you are sure that they would be happy to talk to you.  

Remember, the holiday season is hectic and many people make plans well in advance. If a candidate is unable to come for an interview during this period, then reschedule it for the New Year. Rather than losing talent, you demonstrate flexibility, and this is a quality that most procurement professionals want in their place of work. 

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