If your organisation takes too long to complete the procurement recruitment process, you’ll soon see good candidates disappear from the talent pool as they are snapped up by your competition. Losing out on these opportunities could have a disastrous impact on the entire procurement process in your organisation. What’s more, when you have a limited talent pool, you could end up hiring the wrong candidates who may not stay too long with your organisation.

The lengthy interview process

On average, it takes about 28.9 days to complete an interview process in the UK, from the day that contact with the candidate is initiated until there is an acceptance of the offer. But this is just too long, and organisations should look to finish the entire interview process within a few days. However, in their haste to complete the procurement recruitment process quickly, CPOs take care to not rush into it blindly.

So, how to achieve that balance when hiring for procurement or supply chain jobs? CPOs should take a close look at the procurement interims and talent that come for the interview and ensure the entire process moves as quickly as possible once the perfect candidates have been identified.

Streamlining procurement recruitment

Having a streamlined recruitment process makes it easier to hire talent quickly and get the best possible staff working in your procurement department. It’s useful to remember that, once you initiate the first contact with the candidate, you have should only allow 7-14 days to pass before completing the process. This will help you to hire the right talent and will reduce the number of employees leaving your organisation in the long term.

Take another look at your procurement recruitment process. If you are taking more than 14 days to complete your procurement recruitment, how can you streamline and cut back on this? You need to reorganise the process so that you can complete it quickly and get the best procurement talent to join your organisation, even as procurement interims if necessary.

Remember, it is important that your new procurement professionals can manage spends efficiently, especially with the inevitable changes that will come with Brexit. It’s no exaggeration to say that it’s now more important than ever that organisations choose procurement talent carefully.

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