If you are considering a change in procurement job role and are contemplating checking relevant procurement vacancies, you will likely have a few queries in mind. Here we have answered your top questions related to starting your new career in the field of procurement.

Do I need CIPS membership to be considered for procurement jobs?

You will find that some employers are keen to hire only those that have the distinguished Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) membership, while others focus more on the experience you have in the field of procurement and supply chain.

That said, most recruiters will look for the necessary training on your CV. So, if you are new to procurement, it will work to your advantage if you have CIPS membership. This will make your application more attractive to prospective employers in the industry.

If you have a degree accredited by CIPS and have experience in procurement, you will not need to supplement your application with membership as you will receive automatic enrolment upon completion of certain criteria. After concluding your degree, you need to have three years of relevant working experience to gain full membership.

Getting trained by CIPS will help you understand the nuances of purchasing and supply management, along with other important matters that affect business. However, even after the necessary training, you will have to use your theoretical knowledge in a real-world business environment – and that is what prospective employers will be looking for.

Is it necessary for me to be a category expert?

Most procurement staff are working in category-specific roles. Therefore, it is worthwhile to develop expertise in particular categories, especially those that interest you. If you are IT savvy, you can think about gaining a comprehensive understanding of IT procurement, for example. In these times of digital revolution, there is a sizable demand for IT procurement specialists.

However, being a procurement generalist does not mean there is no scope for you. In fact, there are organisations that actively seek professionals with cross-category experience and expertise.


If you’re thinking of changing your role and line of work, start with getting the right training to help you understand the ins and outs of procurement and supply chain management. This will dramatically improve your chances of getting hired.

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