In an increasingly digital world, where many people use social media, it is easy to forget the importance of face-to-face meetings. As a procurement professional, you need to stay in touch with vendors and suppliers to build long-lasting relationships, but you should not neglect being connected with other professionals in your line of work.

That is why you should take time out from work to attend procurement-related events, such as the Big Ideas Summit 2019. Here are some reasons why procurement professionals should go to conferences related to their work:

Get inspired

Hearing leading procurement and supply chain professionals for top global companies speak about innovations and listening to their ideas can inspire you. You might learn many new practical tricks and tips on how to become more productive, which you will then want to put into action at your workplace.

Learn from real-world examples

Procurement and supply chain conferences and events see leaders and influencers sharing their success stories and strategies. They present case studies, allowing you to learn from them. The practical takeaways cannot be ignored, and you can use them at your workplace.

Networking with other professionals

Conferences are a great way to talk to other procurement professionals and executives. You can connect and learn from them along the way. Some connections may even help you get new job opportunities. Conferences are also a great way to meet new suppliers and vendors. It can help manage supply chain risks more effectively and also control your tail spend.

Conferences are an opportunity to learn from and connect with like-minded professionals. While getting you away from everyday work-related stress, they also help to enhance your knowledge, so that you are aware of the latest trends and innovations taking place in your industry.

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