The Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) ensures that procurement and supply chain professionals follow the best industry practices while fulfilling their responsibilities.

To enable procurement and supply chain professionals to maintain the gold standard of the industry. CIPS offers training courses, workshops, and certifications to individuals looking to join this field.

If you are planning to shift to procurement, you may want to investigate the importance of a CIPS qualification.

Accredited education

While CIPS is an international body, it has accredited certain degrees and diplomas. When you successfully complete these programmes, you will receive membership of the CIPS. However, this membership is not a full one, as you need to have three years work experience after completing the programme.

Once you get the necessary work experience, you will be able to use the initials MCIPS in your CV to demonstrate that you have a full CIPS membership and have completed a recognised degree programme.

When it comes to procurement jobs, you can enter procurement or supply chain at any level and from any discipline. However, most employers will check your CV minutely for some training related to this field, and if you have a CIPS-accredited qualification, it will work to your advantage.

You can easily enrol for an accredited graduate diploma programme, and it is considered the benchmark programme for individuals looking for roles in procurement and supply chain. You should consider a CIPS qualification if you are new to procurement. It will help you channel your knowledge to your job and also make you more attractive to prospective employers.

When is practical training a good idea?

CIPS also offers practical training courses. These courses are ideal if you have qualifications in procurement and supply chain, but still have gaps in your skills and knowledge. The practical training courses are designed to widen a professionals skillset so that they can make a meaningful contribution to their organisation. Practical CIPS training courses help you hone your analytical skills and ensure you manage tail spend more efficiently.

Remember, relevant qualification will help you create a proven track record and when you have both, you can apply for procurement jobs with ease.

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