While blockchain technology is used to hold and transfer cryptocurrency without a central entity overseeing the transactions, it also enables transparency. All transactions are recorded in a digital distributed ledger, thereby lending transparency. Today, this technology is also making inroads into recruitment, with organisations using it to speed up certain recruitment processes. 

Using blockchain for procurement recruitment

It is possible to add a code to a blockchain platform to create smart contracts that have the ability to perform certain actions without human intervention. It is this feature of blockchain that organisations are leveraging to automate recruitment workflows and processes and speed up the entire process of recruitment. 

Blockchain for background verification

Under normal circumstances, organisations perform background checks when they shortlist candidates. However, this process is time-consuming and costly. Many candidates have to fill out multiple forms to kick-start the verification process. 

When organisations use blockchain technology, it can make the verification process not only quick but also cost-effective. When this aspect of recruitment is taken care of, HR professionals can focus on searching for the right talent for each role within the procurement department. 

Blockchain to validate CVs

Procurement is a specialist field, and it is imperative that organisations find the right-fit candidates for each role. As a result, it is time-consuming to access databases with CVs. Also, the best databases are not free, and unfortunately, most databases are not current. During the validation process, it is possible that a few CVs that are not the right fit for the role get shortlisted.

Blockchain technology can make CV validation a quick and simple process. The technology directly accesses CVs of candidates, and their qualifications and achievements are verified by their previous employers and their education is verified by the schools and universities that the candidates attended. As a result, blockchain enables recruiters to find out all the details about each candidate, and this minimises the risk of falsification.

Using blockchain technology for procurement recruitment can help make the entire process transparent, allowing recruiters to find the right talent. 

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