Talented applicants for supply chain and procurement jobs often feel that the onus is on them to showcase their ‘fit’ for the role, yet this is only half the story, according to a leading organisational psychologist: candidates need to know during the interview process if the role will give them what they want.

Whether candidates are applying for permanent roles or seeking work as procurement interims, the question ‘what do I really want?’ goes beyond attractive salaries and bonuses.

Thomas Chamorro-Premuzic invites both employers and candidates to explore whether the following key attractors to a role are in place – factors that may make the difference between an appointee who stays the course and one who decides to move on quickly.

A sense of competence and mastery

Everyone likes to find that they’re good at their job, that they’re growing, acquiring new competencies, and overcoming once-difficult tasks.

The sense of progress resulting from this is motivating and rewarding.

But organisations can encourage it too: it’s not solely down to the individual.

When practitioners are acknowledged for good performances, aligning with the organisation’s core values, a win-win scenario arises.

How teams reward and encourage is a wise area for applicants to explore.

A sense of belonging and community

Co-workers who exchange feedback build more than a completed project: they build relationships, which often evolve into friendships.

If this kind of exchange is encouraged, a collaborative and productive community develops.

Exploring how employers provide both flexibility and human connections is another key consideration to explore.

A sense of meaningful purpose

Chamorro-Premuzic believes that building corporate purpose can be overlooked, and yet it’s as vital to healthy organisations as the relationships and friendships underpinning it.

Company-wide approaches that welcome all perspectives stimulate deeper employee engagement and build a more purpose-driven enterprise.

Executive brainstorming exercises pale into insignificance compared to this more organic approach.

Source:  https://www.strategicsourceror.com/2019/09/infographic-does-your-job-provide-these.html

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