In 2019, the demand for talented professionals was high and recruitment was at an all-time high. However, organisations were finding it difficult to close the talent gap. In 2020, it is imperative that companies act quickly so that they can handle Brexit and be able to compete with global companies on equal footing. 

Here are a few things that procurement professionals can expect in 2020 when it comes to procurement recruitment. 

Blended teams will become the norm

If organisations are unable to find the right procurement talent, they will opt for blended teams comprising full-time employees and procurement interims. As a result, they will try to attract the best talent in the market to meet their objectives and goals. 

Artificial intelligence will become an essential part of procurement recruitment

Today, HR professionals spend a lot of time going through resumes and shortlisting candidates. However, with artificial intelligence making headway in recruitment, more recruiting managers and HR professionals will be utilising this technology to identify potential procurement candidates. This will enable them to shortlist candidates that meet the requirements of procurement and the organisation. 

Focus will be on professionals who know ethical sourcing practices

With companies becoming particular about ethical sourcing, CPOs will be seeking talent who are already aware of the nuances of ethical sourcing. This will ensure that CPOs do not have to spend time training their teams and the organisation will be able to comply with regulations and internal policies with relative ease. 

Companies are seeking procurement professionals with soft skills

It is not enough just knowing the ins and outs of procurement. In 2020, you can expect procurement leaders and decision-makers to look for candidates who excel in soft skills such as leadership, emotional intelligence, communications and empathy. These are skills that cannot be taught or learnt, so CPOs will give preference to candidates who have these inherent skills. 

Procurement recruitment is taking an interesting turn and the new year will ensure that CPOs cast a wider net to get the talent they seek. 

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