Procurement in the digital age offers a number of opportunities to those who are keen to enter this field. Sustainable sourcing, predictive data analysis and category management are some of the most highly coveted areas.

While cost-saving is still important, CPOs now want procurement specialists in their teams. However, the big question is, where can you find the best procurement jobs? If you have the skills and talent that organisations are seeking, here are some places where you may be able to find exciting procurement jobs.

Procurement solutions providers

A large number of organisations are embracing technology and digital transformation. They are also outsourcing a number of procurement functions to procurement solutions providers. If you have the right knowledge and expertise, then look to join such a provider. The knowledge you gain will be valuable if you want to get a leadership role in the future. 

FMCG sector

Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies focus on strategic procurement, and if you are looking to acquire in-depth experience in procurement early in your career, you can begin scouting for opportunities in this sector. 

Public sector

With Britain now poised to formally leave the EU, numerous roles for procurement professionals have opened up in the public sector. The time is ripe to get into this sector if you have the skills and confidence for strategic procurement and can manage large projects with ease. 

Non-profit organisations

Many procurement professionals are under the misconception that working for an NGO means taking a pay cut. On the contrary, most NGOs pay the market standard and offer opportunities to procurement professionals looking to make a difference. 

Procurement has become an exciting field and numerous opportunities are opening up. Rather than trying to find a role in traditional places, spread your wings and explore new avenues. 

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