Christmas time is hectic for most people, and they like to start a new after the New Year. It is one reason why the majority of organisations begin their recruitment process in January. But, with so many jobs available in January, the competition to attract talent is high. Many companies end up offering a higher salary than planned to recruit the talent they want.

December is a quiet month with most departments having depleted their budget and winding down for the much-awaited Christmas break. This is the reason December is the perfect month to hire procurement professionals, as it will allow you to concentrate on the recruitment process and ensure you hire the right talent for the job. It will also enable you to train new professionals, as you will not have regular work pressure.

Here are some reasons to begin your procurement recruitment in December rather than waiting for January:

Access the entire talent pool

With recruitment slowing down in December, you will be able to access the entire talent pool. It will enable you to select the right candidate for the job without having to worry about offers and counter-offers. Also, candidates are more receptive to calls during this period and can come for interviews due to reduced workload.

Get ready for the New Year

In January, you will have new targets and it will be a busy period. This will cause you to focus less on recruitment and more on your targets and day-to-day work. But, if you recruit in December, you can train the person before the festive season, ensuring the new employee can take on the challenges in the New Year without delay.

Final words

If you are planning to recruit procurement interims or professionals, December is the perfect month.  CPOs should begin their recruitment drive during this period to get the right talent and keep the sourcing process going in the New Year without obstacles.

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