Most professionals end up in procurement to develop another role or become responsible for procurement by accident. But, many professionals now realise that procurement can transform into a valuable and rewarding career move. So, if you are looking to join the workforce, or to move from your current role, think about becoming a procurement professional.

Today, organisations are realising the importance of managing and controlling their spend and supply of services and goods. It not only gives them a competitive edge but also works to minimise their costs. But these goals can only be achieved if an organisation has the right professionals, who can liaise with internal stakeholders and suppliers to drive down costs and improve procurement efficiency and performance.

If you are wondering why you should choose a career in procurement, here are some compelling reasons:

Attractive salary

Whether you join as a procurement interim or novice, you will find that procurement jobs pay well. It is primarily because of the efforts a professional puts in to manage risk, build supplier pipelines, maintain supplier relationship, and minimise organisational costs. As you climb up the hierarchy, you can receive a competitive salary for your efforts.

Career development

Procurement is a broad field. You can become a category procurement specialist, or a general procurement professional. There is no lack of roles in procurement. Succession planning in organisations allows novices to start out as purchasing assistants and then work their way up to buyer, senior buyer, department head, and even procurement director.

Job satisfaction

While you would have to educate yourself about the supply market and suppliers, and learn how to negotiate the best deal for your organisation, you will find that being a procurement professional is stimulating, especially when you successfully negotiate a contract. Working in a dynamic environment, you will learn to use and hone your analytical and commercial skills, as well as influencing and negotiating skills, people management abilities, and networking capabilities.

So, if you are planning to change your role, or are looking for a more stimulating work environment, take a closer look at becoming a procurement professional.

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