With Brexit on the horizon, the demand for experienced and knowledgeable procurement professionals has increased. While finding the right talent is always a challenge for organisations, in procurement recruitment there are rising cases of professionals accepting counter offers – only to regret it later on.

As a talented procurement professional, here are some reasons why you shouldn’t accept counter offers.

Will you be happy?

One of the main reasons for a professional to begin searching for a new job is they are unhappy with their current role. So, if your organisation makes a counter offer, will it change anything? That is the question you have to answer honestly.

Delve deep to figure out why you decided to leave the company. It can be anything, such as lack of support from colleagues and managers, or you may not have progressed in your role as you had originally hoped. If you think you will be happy working in the same role that led you to look for other opportunities, then by all means stay. Otherwise, more money does not necessarily mean more job satisfaction.

Working in a resentful environment

Procurement is an important department within any organisation. If you hand in your notice, you will be leaving your department and company in the lurch. After accepting the counter offer, your immediate boss might be resentful and distrusting. After all, if you can hand in your notice once, you can do it again. Working in such an environment is not easy or pleasant and could leave you mentally and physically exhausted and stressed.

Lack of job security

While your boss may have stopped you from leaving, you can be certain if there are redundancies, you will be among the first to go. Handing in a notice is a sign that you are unhappy in your current role. This raises questions about your commitment to your work and organisation.

There is no doubt that procurement recruitment is thriving. There are many procurement jobs out there, and if you are dedicated you are likely to find one that suits your talent and experience. So, if your boss makes a counter offer, think twice before accepting it. It may not work to your advantage or be the best move for your career.

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